CUS Tor Vergata (Italy)

The CUS Roma Tor Vergata

The second administrative meeting of the European partner countries for the “VARIED” project was held in Rome from 13 to 15 June 2022. The partners involved in this initiative were:

  • University of Valencia (Spain)
  • Trust Rugby International Spain (Spain)
  • CUS Rome Tor Vergata (Italy)
  • Fondatsia Evropeiski Center Za Inovatsii Obrazovanie Nauka I Culture (Bulgaria)
  • Municipality of Cullera (Spain).


The CUS Roma Tor Vergata, organizing partner of the meeting, created a detailed program thanks to the help of the project coordinators Alessia Ciocari and Ferdinando Femiano. A program rich in content but above all attended by many Italian institutional offices. In fact, the presentation of the project took place on Monday 13 June 2022 at 10.00 at the Campidoglio in the magnificent Sala del Carroccio ( The purpose of the event was to describe how important sport is for well-being, self-esteem and the sense of belonging it creates in those who risk remaining on the margins due to disability.

The initiative had the strength to remind the political class how necessary it is to talk about disability in terms of equality and opportunity. By overcoming discrimination and aiming at the empowerment of each person, without dwelling only on physical or intellectual limitations, value is created for the whole of society and freeing up resources for everyone. The following illustrious guests attended the event

  • Nella Converti President of Commission V – Social and Health Policies
  • Ferdinando Bonesio, President of Commission X – Sport, Wellness and Quality of Life
  • Dario Nanni, President of the Jubilee Commission, Vice President of the Sport Commission
  • Manuel Onorati President of CUS Rome Tor Vergata
  • Jordi Mayor-Vallet Mayor of the Municipality of Cullera
  • Joan Ortolà Agència de Desenvolupament Local M.I. Ajuntament de Cullera
  • Maurizio Amedei, President of the Lazio Regional Committee of the FIR

At the end of the official greetings, the working table was opened where the European partners presented the activities carried out in this period and the objectives achieved. An important discussion and exchange table. At the end of the event, the group was a guest for lunch at the Iari The Vino Restaurant (

At the end of the social lunch, the representatives of the European partners were accompanied by a guide through the streets and monuments of Rome.

On the second day, however, the meeting was held at the Flaminio Real sports facility ( where the country representatives ate and started a new day of group work. During the day the TRI meeting and updates on the activities of the partners were held.

Once the institutional work was completed, CUS Roma Tor Vergata organized a Touch Rugby Festival where the volunteers of the VARIED project performed in the game of Rugby. An experience full of emotion and with excellent conditions for mutual European collaboration.

Downloadable document: Attività iniziale