GIPACOR (Corsica – France)


GIPACOR organized one of the administrative meetings of European countries in Corsica on November 17 and 18, 2022.


The partners involved are

  • Municipality of Cullera (Spain), coordinator of the project
  • University of Valencia (Spain)
  • Rudby Union Donau Wien (Austria)
  • Trust Rugby International Spain (Spain)
  • CUS Roma Tor Vergata (Italy)
  • Fondatsia Evropeiski Center Za Inovatsii Obrazovanie Nauka I Culture
  • Municipality of Cullera (Spain),The Rudby de Bastia club was the meeting partner and a detailed program was sent to all the European partners involved.

The beginning of the event allowed a collective presentation in turn of the progress of the projects of each member country of the project. This has the advantage of sharing everyone’s experience and achievements in order to draw inspiration from good practices.

A demonstration of Rudby between the coaches and the trainees made it possible to make concrete the actions undertaken by GIPACOR in Corsica.

This achievement demonstrates the need for working collaboration between social educational institutes, sports clubs, coaches and training organizations. This ecosystem makes it possible to identify the public and to demonstrate the interest of each stakeholder in participating in it with a common objective, which is to promote the inclusion of people with disabilities. It also has the interest of raising public awareness through the communication generated by this event. Finally, there is an interest in exchanging intercultural practices in each country which is found in a common objective.



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