TRI (Spain)


Mission Statement 🚀

To promote and develop unified rugby within a safe and welcoming environment.

Our main project is the team, El Clan Tri-Espurna, which has been formed within the Cullera Rugby Club team. We started training with a group in 2014 and we have achieved that people who had never practiced sport before are now not only regular players but they also  have a group of friends in the first team of Cullera. As important as the fact of practicing sport is the fact that they are now big fans and go to the stands to watch their teammates play in the first team. In June 2015 and June 2016 we participated in the state tournament in Vitoria where we enjoyed our first competitions.


In September 2016 we organised and participated in the first International Unified Rugby Festival in Cullera. And now in 2022 we reach the fifth edition of this festival.

We also participated in the IMART2017 world tournament held in Vitoria.

As well as in other festivals and championships at national level in different locations such as Hernani, Almeria and Yuncos (Toledo), as well as having played on different occasions with our neighbours from Valencia: Les Abelles Rugby Club.

Our rugby team has already played against the veterans team of Cullera Rugby Club, that is a team without disabled players. For us it is a success because it is the social inclusion we seek, normalize that all people can play sport if we provide them with a safe environment and the necessary conditions.

In recent times and given the evolution of unified rugby in Spain, several of our players and enablers have participated in the CESA Inclusive rugby sevens in the Valencia national team. Some of them have even worn the shirt of the national team participating in the first Inclusive Games organised by the Sanitas Foundation together with the Consejo Superior de Deportes, the Spanish Olympic Committee and the Spanish Paralympic Committee.

Cullera Rugby Club

Cullera Rugby Club was founded more than 50 years ago with the aim of promoting and spreading the practice of rugby in the region. It is one of the most appreciated and respected clubs in Spain, with a school that has produced international players at youth level. The Cullera Rugby Club defends and promotes the rugby values of Effort, Courage, Commitment, Sacrifice and Spirit of Sacrifice. One of the references of Cullera has always been its grassroots teams and the  work with youth teams, therefore, it was a natural extension of the club to have an unified rugby section in its structure.



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