Sanamares Fund-raising event


Cullera 15 May 2022

We collaborated by organising an inclusive rugby activity on the beach. We involved our Clan and Rugby & Kids players, who in addition to participating in the different activities, were in charge of explaining the rugby activity to the rest of the participants.

Sanamares was founded with the aim of collaborating with the marine environment. They organise talks, workshops and marine clean-ups. They also participate in marine and ocean conservation projects.

They aim to create a small community where all those who love the marine environment can share information about this environment and the animals that inhabit it. To do so, they also inform about projects in which the community can participate. Sanamares has its own products and designs with which it reinvests in the actions, materials and projects it carries out.

When we take part in these kinds of activities we check several boxes. Firstly we are taking our actions away from our usual environment, which apart from adding the element of fun, also helps to get people out of their comfort zone. Secondly we are still promoting healthy lifestyles through the sport of rugby.

We are also providing opportunities so that all the participants in our projects (Rugby & Kids and El Clan) can share time together and benefit from the exchange. And last, but absolutely not least, we are promoting our volunteering model.

In fact from this event where we showcased our model by doing unified rugby on the beach, we reached new volunteers who would later take part in further events with the team. It cannot go without saying, that changing the rugby pitch for the beach also works towards providing current volunteers reasons to stay on the project and enjoy different kinds of activities.

Once again the stress is on the positive cycle in which our participants enjoy what they do, therefore they keep on coming, then they get better at it and this feedbacks to their self-esteem as they are honing their sports and social skills while enjoying themselves in a relaxed and safe environment.