Cullera Metting


The trip to Cullera was a lot fírst for us. Our Boys and Girl had the chance to do a lot of things for the first time. First time traveling by plane, first time seeing the sea, first time swimming, first time playing 15´s, first time scoring a Try! and indeed the first time eating a Paella.

The trip started really early from Vienna, and after having to chug all the canned drinks everybody forgot in the luggage, we set up to valencia. Valencia received us very very sunny and warm. Somewhat unusual to our skins still waking up from Winter in Austria. We enjoy the city and headed up to Cullera which was gonna give us so many good experiences the next few days. Once in Cullera we had to try the sea, some for the first time, certainly everybody for the first time this year!.

The next day, our head of Project went to the administrative meeting, whilst the boys had a morning of swimming, volleyball, football and sightseeing. In the afternoon we all met with the other delegation and had a visit to Cullera castle. In the evening we assisted the opening Ceremony and met all the other teams at dinner. 

Saturday is a Rugby day they say! Turns out for us it was also a surf, kayaking, stand up paddling day. And what a day!! So much fun and energy were given to us by the colleagues of the surfing school. Everybody had a very nice time and enjoyed every minute of it. After a quick shower and rest we were headed to the tournament. Our boy were split in two Cullera teams and had a blast. It was very empowering playing 15´s for the first time. Some of them took a little to shake our mainly 7´s rugby experience from their heads and learn what to do, and how to be helpful to their teams. Towards the end everybody felt like Jonah Lomu and were able to score some points for their teams. 

The day was still not over, and did not ceased to surprise us. Two of our members were called in to assist in cooking a paella. Something they’ve never heard of, or tried of course. None of our assistant chefs won anything, but we got to try delicious food from the Locality.

On Sunday we enjoyed the sun and the swimming pool for a little while before we had to say goodbye and head back home. The overall feeling was very very positive, we thank the municipality of Cullera, the TRI team, and the VARIED Project for this unbelievable opportunity.