Volunteers Meetings


At Rugby Opens Borders we have volunteers meeting every 3 months, one at the beginning of the year/before the spring season begins, one at the end of the season to evaluate the activity carried out and plan the summer, and another one at the end of the summer to prepare the upcoming Autumn season. Additionally we can meet upfront big events, particular tournaments and as well regarding specific Projects as VARIED.

In that case we had to meet up more often. We were all new to an European Project as well as to working with people with disabilities. However the initial mood of our volunteers was caution, and wanting to know more about it, experience new ways, and over everything get to know other people that work with people with disabilities and learn the know how. 

We have a very irregular fluctuation of volunteers in ROB, due that the majority of our volunteers are of a younger age, and then they go one year abroad, or study in another country, erasmus, etc. We work with a general number of 20 volunteers a year, with a core group of 5-6. 3 of them take care of the kitchen and provide the socials and alternate every weekend. More or less the same situation we have on the Field with up to 3 Coaches rotation throughout the year. For special occasions, events and high season we almost double the number of volunteers. 

That the volunteers are rather young we offer coaching education and official training levels at the Austrian level, together with the ministry of sport. That gives out volunteers an official title and raises the quality of our training. On the topic of training with people with disabilities we were so much looking forward to the training courses from Trust Rugby International, and were saddened to learn that part was cut. the we tried to involve our volunteers on courses about training people with disabilities in Austria, sadly it is a very demanded course that just happens once a year and in a different region in Austria, and it was impossible for us to attend. 

Instead of that we offered our Volunteers different courses from the basic Module of sport instructor, as well as the specific on Rugby. Later on some of our coaches took up interest in particular Courses like: Speed and agility, Sport with children, Athletic performance, etc.