Rugby Union Donau Wien. News 07


The VARIED project will begin in person with an administrative meeting in the city of

Vienna (Austria) on October 18 and 19, 2021.

The participating partners are:

First Day.

In the first day the Team met at the beautiful gardens of Belvedere Palace and started a

walking tour guided by the host organization ROB. During this tour the partners had the chance to discover the beautiful places of Vienna, sculptures, historical places and monuments, whilst getting to know each other.

After a traditional a copious Austrian meal, the partners had a little window of time before meeting each other again at the home of the Host organization at the Meiereistrasse 20, 1020, Wien, in the heart of the green Prater in Vienna. In the afternoon the VARIED Project partners got their first Coaching session from Trust Rugby International. The participants could learn, how TRI was founded, the mission and the vision, and the goals of TRI training to help out all the partners to develop their part of the project. This part was extremely insightful and the participants could learn new things and start figuring out how they will apply the knowledge acquired to their weekly training.

Second Day.

The second day started with the administration part of the project presented by the VARIED

Project coordinator, Joan Ortola. The University of Valencia followed explaining us the intellectual output that every partner needs to provide. They informed us about the two surveys, one for volunteers to be conducted just once, and one for players with disabilities every month to be able to measure the socio-economical impact of rugby training. The surveys need to be translated to all the languages and conducted regularly by the partners.

At the end of the project the University of Valencia will be doing the final report with the aim to influence policy makers to invest more in the benefits of inclusive rugby. The conduct of the aforementioned surveys and the recollection of data it is extremely important as a justification of the project, and therefore the funds.

Later on, after the coffee break, every partner exposed a bit about their organizations, and the steps that have been done regarding the joint Erasmus + Project. This was a very good opportunity to get to know more of the work of every partner, as well as to see where

Everybody stands in regards to the project. Everybody portrayed the good job done by their organizations and shared challenges and milestones, that will be work in the course of the next 2 years of project.

To conclude the meeting, the group enjoyed a tour throughout the facilities of Rugby Union

Donau- ROB.

Later on, some of the partners join in for a practical session in the youth

Training of RUDW.

The group is looking forwards to the next steps to the meeting and to see eachother again in Rome in 2022.