Juegos Inclusivos


Madrid 7th October 2021

7 October 2021 changed the history of sport. The Olympic and Paralympic cycle of Tokyo 2020 ended with the celebration in Madrid of the First Inclusive Games in history. 170 Olympians and Paralympians from our country demonstrated to the world that another sport is possible and,  through it, another fairer and more inclusive society.

A representation of our team participated, which included 1 female Player and two male players as well as our Development Director who has also played a significant role in the creation of the unified rugby rules which were used to play the matches in the event. In the event two teams with a mix of players with and without disabilities played the sevens version of the game of rugby. The impact of the event, with national television and newspapers covering the games, provided a great example of our sport and the model of unified rugby which TRI supports. The Inclusive  Games were organised  by  the  Sanitas Foundation together with the Consejo Superior de Deportes, the Spanish Olympic Committee and the Spanish Paralympic Committee, which due to the pandemic could not be held in 2020.

Ultimately, the Inclusive Games are a message for the future that can be applied to children. For wheelchair basketball star Terry Bywater, it is. “For me it’s all about the future. Showing kids that yes, you can have a disability, but there will always be a future. They will be able to play basketball, rugby or tennis…. There are opportunities and it serves to teach them,” said the British player.