Rugby Union Donau Wien. News 04


April and Mai brought us our first Touch Tournaments, were we participated together with Ich bin Aktiv.  As the team feeling was growing, we had to bring it to use and we participated in local organized Touch Tournaments, against other local Teams.

Touch rugby is a modality of Rugby where there is no contact, the defense stops the opponent player by touching them with two hands. The Ball carriere then stops and leaves the ball between his/her legs and the attacking team carries on. There are very specific rules on how many touches a Team can have, and can be adapted to any ages, genders, and abilities. In our case it was the currently used Touch modality, with 5 Players on the field 5 Touches per team and at the 6th one, it’s turnover. The ball gets played by the other Team. The try counts just one point and there is no conversion. Touch is a very fast game that also needs a lot of patience because you do not always find an opportunity to break the opponents defense and you have to try and try again.

The ROB boys are a very competitive bunch of unaccompanied Minors form Syria, Afghanistan, Ukraine, and Somalia. It took a little to understand we were not playing the world cup. We wanted to introduce a bit the idea of the enabler, did not quite work out. We would be happy to get more input from our colleagues from Trust Spain to know how to develop better the enablers role in the game.

And again in September another Touch tournament should await us.