Rugby Union Donau Wien. News 05


Slowly the project comes to an end and the friends of Ich bin aktiv come one last time to us.

the cold accompany us again today, a lot of the people from our colleagues ich bin Aktiv where new, and many of our ROB boys as well. That´s a common issue before and after every season.

We went over little game situations exercises, where they had to develop their individual skills, and slowly move on to team situations. They were then partnered with enablers and hat go over the same situations as before, but now as a team. It worked perfectly!

After that we would increase the number of little groups until build full on Teams, and then go over the same game situations.

It was very intense and tiring for the participants as well as the coaching team, but the outcome felt like victory. We had two years of challenges and development opportunities, and it seemed forever that we would find the magic technique to make that game work out and give everybody a nice experience. We were delighted to have met the people at ich bin aktiv, to work together in this projekt and to grow together in the sport we love into a team.

Organisationally we lacked of the amazing food cooked by our group of volunteers, but we ended up with a lovely Pizza evening! who says no to Pizza!