Rugby Union Donau Wien. News 02


Already in November, quasi a month later that the start of our project we had our second training together with your ich bin aktiv.

A lot of new faces but definelty some old ones as well. We started to learn everybody´s names. On the technical side we started to introduce work in Partners, little competition games, and get the body warmed up for some tackles. SOme of the ROB boy were also very new in the game, that cause a lot of pauses and interruption to explain the exercices.

We had the challenge that for some of the participants was a bit too cold, and also too much. So at the end not a lot of people finalized the training and did not want to play our final Touch game of every training.

We take it as a learning curve, so that we can improve our training for the future.

The winter is coming and with it Rugby Opens Borders stops offering training outside, as the conditions will be too cold, and also too dangerous for people to get sick or injured.

Pur offer moves to the inside, either Gym and Fitness workouts, or we go experiencing other sports like: Climbing, Ice Skating,taekwondo, and others. We resume the activities when´s not so cold, depending on the weather at the end of February or the beginning of March.